Monday, November 15, 2010

WiredMag: "Etiquette: Making Amends in the Digital Age"

"SIN: You waste people’s time by tweeting about your lunch.
PENANCE: You must eat a meal composed of ingredients so bizarre that someone might actually want to hear about them. Think calf brains, sheep hearts, fried grasshopper, and Rocky Mountain oysters."

"SIN: You open an email attachment called MeganFoxBoobs.exe, thereby infecting your employer’s network with the software equivalent of syphilis.
PENANCE: Buy the IT department a case of beer—preferably an overpriced microbrew. Then drive to your great-aunt’s retirement home and install Norton Antivirus on everyone’s PC."

Wired Mag - Etiquette: Making Amends in the Digital Age


Ok, maybe it's just because I'm an IT guy, but this article is hilarious...

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