Monday, November 1, 2010

"BitDefender Launches Beta of Facebook Privacy App"

"Facebook privacy and security is a moving target. The bad guys keep inventing new scams and tricks, from clickjacking attacks that push traffic for their own Web sites to Trojan apps that actively steal your personal information. You can take proper precautions against bad links, but being too cautious cuts down on the fun of seeing what your friends want to share. And Facebook's own internal privacy settings just keep changing. With the new SafeGo app, currently in free public beta, BitDefender aims to put the fun back in Facebook.

Of course, you do have to trust BitDefender with your privacy. The app asks for permission to: access your information; send you e-mails; post to your wall; read your inbox; scan your news feed; and access your data even when you're not on Facebook. But if you can't trust a major security vendor who can you trust?"

PC Mag - BitDefender Launches Beta of Facebook Privacy App


um, yeah...

'bout time

now we get to pay more for security because the original software authors and planners at facebook don't bother to do it right?



Picture credit: ripped off from BitDefender (who can bite my hairy... over this trademark and copyright infringement in return for the free advertising of their services and product above)

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