Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Why Be Interested In Data & Information Issues? "5 million patients get electronic medical records"

"Nearly 5 million patients across Ontario may now have an electronic medical record in their doctor’s office but critics argue the province is still “light years” behind others.

Health Minister Deb Matthews announced Tuesday 5,500 doctors now can manage patients’ health files electronically — a jump of more than 80 per cent in one year."

The Star - 5 million patients get electronic medical records


"TORONTO — Almost 5,500 doctors treating more than five million people in Ontario are now using electronic medical records, but many still can't communicate with each other, eHealth CEO Greg Reed said Tuesday.

Doctors who have adopted an electronic system can exchange information with a local hospital or other physicians within their own office, but a provincewide network has yet to be built, he said."

CTV - Almost 5,500 Ont. doctors using electronic records


Why should I be interested in data security and privacy?

Isn't it just all about computers and boring stuff?

These are some questions I get asked when I tell people I am a computer guy and a privacy officer. I get plenty of eye rolling and eye glazing as soon as I begin to discuss any of the issues - and I'm reasonably good at explaining things to people in terms they can understand rather than techese...

Why should you be interested? Read this:

"SARNIA, Ont. - The confidential health information of more than 100 southwestern Ontario residents has been breached.

Bluewater Health and the North Lambton Community Health Centre have sent a letter of notification and apology to affected patients advising that personal information was inappropriately accessed.

Bluewater Health privacy officer Karen Waymouth says a North Lambton Community Health Centre employee accessed private information such as OHIP numbers and records of hospital visits."

Winnipeg Free Press - Health records privacy breach affects more than 100 in Sarnia, Ont., area


Ottawa Citizen - Adami: Victim of privacy breach wants hospital to explain; Husband’s ex-wife repeatedly accessed medical records


"A possible information breach at Miami Valley Hospital is one of the latest local reminders of those privacy concerns. It involves Brennan Eden, a “high-profile” patient whose sensational Aug. 23 vehicle crash on Interstate 675 was captured on video viewed nationwide.

About 200 hospital employees accessed Eden’s medical records, but it’s not yet clear whether any of that access was due to curiosity. Under federal law, workers may only access a patient’s electronic medical records for a legitimate business need."

Dayton Daily News - Electronic health records raise fresh privacy fears; Potential access can extend to hundreds or thousands of hospital and/or clinic workers.

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