Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"Toronto Police Want To Keep Most G20 Security Cameras"

"Toronto's Police Chief Bill Blair wants to keep some of the equipment bought expressly for the G20 Summit, particularly security cameras and so-called long range acoustic devices."

"The police acquired 77 new cameras for use downtown for the June 26-27 G20 Summit in the downtown core. The cameras had to come down after the summit.

At the January Police Services Board meeting, Blair will formally ask to keep the cameras. Because they were purchased for the G20, they will only cost half the usual price. The federal government will pay the rest, CTV Toronto reported."

CTV - Toronto police want to keep most G20 security cameras


"Toronto Police plan to make a formal request to buy 52 cameras, according to a report in the Globe and Mail. Blair said he intends to put some of them in the growing club district. The force currently has 24 CCTV cameras, but not all are currently in use.

The equipment will be bought back from the federal government at half the price.

Aside from the cameras, police are also hoping to purchase the three of four L-RADs (long-range acoustic devices) used during the summit. The controversial devices, also referred to as sound cannons, can emit ear-piercing blips and broadcast messages.

The report also states police want to buy back 400 sets of tactical safety gear, which include helmets, gas masks and shields"

CityNews - Toronto Police Want To Buy Surveillance Cameras Used During G20

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I think that the creation of courses of study and research like the following are an indicator of the disturbing level of monitoring and surveillance in our society:

"Surveillance Studies Centre at Queen's University

Surveillance of many kinds is growing rapidly throughout the world and the Surveillance Studies Centre (SSC) at Queen’s University is committed to high quality research to follow such developments. Current active research explores camera surveillance, ID systems, biometrics, social media, border and airport controls – indeed on many aspects of contemporary monitoring, tracking, management and control. While much research happens on the Queen’s University campus, the SSC is also part of a broad network of surveillance research that is both multi-disciplinary and international."

Surveillance Studies Centre at Queen's University


New Transparency Project (at Surveillance Studies Centre at Queen's University)

With the goal of providing up-to-date research background or findings to a broad audience as well as to the Integrated Research Sub-Projects (IRSPs) the New Transparency Project publishes occasional working papers. Unlike our reports, published articles and books, they are works-in-progress and should be treated as such.


There are a number of seminars and projects occuring through the above structures at Queen's. If I were closer and/or richer I would attend one or more...


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  1. Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair is putting forth a request to increase the number and maintain the constant presence of the Close Circuit Televisions we were promised, were for a specific event, the G20 protest, and then removed(let's not forget the treatment of the citizens who protested the G20). One has to wonder when, in an increasingly HOSTILE ENVIRONMENT to labour/individual rights, environmental right( not honouring our commitment to the Kyoto Protocol is just one of many shameful examples); to First Nations, especially those living in and around the Aberta Tar Sands,( an ecological tragedy I might add) ; to our public purse used to finance, through our tax dollars, an illegal war in Iraq and Afghanistan with neither our consultation or approval, in our name, while those billions of dollars could have been used to improve our domestic Health, Education, and Public Service Sectors, in subsidizing an industry that promotes jobs that kills others while tarnishing our hard-earned public image as nonviolent peacemakers.
    Our conservative government is creating an environment hostile to the rights of the individual, labour, the environment, First Nations, the poor, and good government. WE CITIZENS should be very concerned about a greater concentration of power and control, if it means that the eye of the state could further be used unlawfully AGAINST THE PEOPLE, as in the past(RCMP spying on left wing citizens, as per the Fifth Estate documentary entiled, "Enemies of the State") by using suveillance technologies like Close Circuit Televisions, to clamp down on Progressive Movements who challenge the governemt policies nefarious to the public good. Let' s not forget what happened to the citizens in the G20 protests who excersided their lawful right to associate and pettion their government.

  2. A small cadre of committed activists can make change. But if a generally indifferent public, which might support that cadre becomes concerned that they might be targeted as well...

    The indifferent majority goes into hiding - and the activists just get dragged away.

    Read Ottawa Police Horror for examples of what happens when a person gets on the wrong side of the law and its enforcers.

    And then activists have to start looking over their shoulders as well.