Friday, December 10, 2010

Straight Up Pointer To A Great Blog Post On "Another Point Of View"

Another Point Of View (another Progressive Blogger) has an awesome post on the security accord that the federal government is secretly negotiating with the United States - READ IT:

""The population is naïve, if not ignorant, of the (shriek!) threats from that big bad rest of the world out there."

In other words: those of us that do give a fuck about stopping the ever increasing erosions of our rights as constitutionally defined are nothing but a bunch of stupid, insouciant, utopian, fringe agitators.

Hence, that is why they lie and use fear politics to scare the majority of us into not only accepting these increasing erosions of our civil rights, this time even accepting the "new reality" that our privacy has to be surrendered to another country (who could've predicted that?), but furthermore to submit without question to their "wise" measures meant to "keep us safe"."

Another Point Of View - Welcome To Your Authoritarian Corporatocratic Security Surveillance State Of North America


Some of my favourite outtakes from the Globe and Mail article:
"The Harper government is bracing for a backlash over a border security agreement it is negotiating with the United States, anticipating it will spark worries about eroding sovereignty and privacy rights, a document obtained by The Globe and Mail shows."

"It also provides a rare insight into how the government regards Canadians: as a nation ignorant of the true scale of the security threat it faces and more concerned with privacy rights."

"The communications strategy for the perimeter security declaration – which the document says will be unveiled in January, 2011 – predicts one of the biggest potential critics will be the federal privacy commissioner Jennifer Stoddart. That’s because the deal is expected to increase the amount of data exchanged between law enforcement and other government authorities in both countries."

"The communication strategy labels Ms. Stoddart as a “high risk” stakeholder who will “raise concerns re: information sharing and protecting private information.”"[bold mine - James]

The Globe and Mail - Ottawa crafts plan to ward off criticism over U.S. border deal

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