Thursday, February 18, 2010

Use Gmail? Read This! (Major Privacy Leak From New Google "Buzz" Service)

"One problem that immediately caused concern was Google's decision to automatically give users a ready-made circle of friends based on the people they most frequently e-mailed. Unless users changed settings in their profile, this list could automatically be made public, allowing anyone to see who a user corresponded with most frequently. [P]rivacy experts immediately pointed out this could cause problems for journalists, businesses or even people having an illicit affair." - BBC

""If I were working for the Iranian or the Chinese government, I would immediately dispatch my internet geek squads to check on Google Buzz accounts for political activists and see if they have any connections that were previously unknown to the government," [Evgeny Morozov] wrote."
- Andrew Sullivan - Google Fail


Cnet - Google Buzz: Privacy nightmare

BBC - Google admits Buzz social network testing flaws

Foreign Policy Magazine - Wrong kind of buzz around Google Buzz


Go into gmail

Top right corner - click settings

Choose "Buzz" - right most link in settings

You will get the following menu:

Display following lists:
Show the list of people I'm following and the list of people following me on my public
Do not show these lists on my public Google profile

Buzz choices:
Show Google Buzz in Gmail
Do not show Google Buzz in Gmail
This will only hide the Buzz tab in Gmail. You'll still be able to use Buzz on your phone. Your connected sites will continue to create new posts in Google Buzz.

Disable Google Buzz
This will disable Google Buzz in Gmail and delete your Google Profile and Buzz posts. It will also disconnect any connected sites and unfollow you from anyone you are following.

I chose Disable Google Buzz

When it has been tested properly - then i'll use it

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