Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Politician Privacy Tip: Anything in Writing Can Be Public [was: WTF Giambrone?]

Um, yeah. Big privacy tip for everyone - including politicians - anything you say in text or email or writing can be reproduced. On a more technical note - everyone should learn to use encryption for files they don't want randomly searched by anyone who has access to your computer(s). Even if they don't have access to your computer it is pretty easy to crack windows (and other O/S) passwords (see links below).

As for Mr. Giambrone, this twitter comment I picked up via metronews.ca says it as well as can be said (for the record, I have met Adam Giambrone and think he is a good guy, after this incident, well... read the twitter comment):

"Giambrone can sleep with whomever: but I can't support a pol so clueless he SEXTS someone. What's next, a video with Paris Hilton? #voteto
by maxvaliquette"

free file encryption (open source, of course):


all ur fileZ R teh miNe:

(open source searches are listed first - again, i prefer open source software)

google: open source windows password recovery

google: open source windows password reset

google: open source windows password crack

google: windows password crack

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