Friday, February 5, 2010

Electronic Privacy Information Center Files FOIA Over Google, NSA

ComputerWorld - EPIC files FOIA request over reported Google, NSA partnership

"In addition to the information request, privacy group also files lawsuit against NSA"

"Computerworld - Privacy advocacy group Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) has filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request with the National Security Agency (NSA) asking for details on the agency's purported partnership with Google Inc. on cybersecurity issues.

In a separate action that was also taken today, EPIC filed a lawsuit against the NSA and the National Security Council, seeking more information on the NSA's authority over the security of U.S. computer networks.

EPIC's FOIA request relating to Google was filed after a story in the Washington Post about an impending partnership between Google and the NSA on cybersecurity issues"


And this is why we need the ACLU, EFF, EPIC, Amnesty International and all the other groups that protect our freedom.

I may not agree with all the actions taken by some of the above named groups, but I put money and time into all of them.

I remember a friend from Chile talking to me about what it was like to be a platoon leader in the army there. How most of his friends believed the Pinochet government when they told him/Chile they were cracking down on terrorists and rebels. How the people were scared by the potential of "Marxist Revolution". How they believed that the people who were taken were just taken for questioning... After all, how could their government - their military - just start killing their own citizens? (Chile had been a liberal democracy since around the same time as Canada)

And how it quickly became obvious that the people were being lied to. But by then it was too late. People were too frightened to defy their new military masters. Especially him - inside the military.

He deserted and left for Canada.

He has warned me about complacency many times. He has warned about rulers that start incrementally taking away freedoms. About the underlings that are only conscious of their own narrow worldview.

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