Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Video Cameras Proposed For Wyoming Classrooms To FIlm Teachers For "Evaluation" Purposes

Big Brother at Wyoming schools? Legislature considers filming teachers.

Wyoming lawmakers propose installing video cameras to help evaluate teachers' performance. But educators are concerned about privacy issues, among other things."

"Teachers in Wyoming might someday have to add an extra step to their lesson plans: Smile for the camera.

State lawmakers have proposed installing video cameras and taping lessons to help evaluate teachers’ performance.

The occasional videotaped class has long been a tool for training and self-reflection. But the notion of tying recorded lessons to high-stakes evaluations raises a host of thorny issues.

Schools would have to consider who would be evaluating the taped lessons, what criteria they’d use, and how student and teacher privacy would be respected."


A camera in every classroom, a camera in every cubicle, what more could we ask for?

In our surveillance society.

How long until those cameras are used to harass staff? Harass students? Or whatever else?

Remember my post on what happened with those remotely activated webcams on student computers?

Read it again:

School District Remotely Activated Webcams On Students Computers While They Were At Home; Some Partially Dressed; Lawsuit Settled For $610K

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